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Wig Grip Bands

Wholesale Wig Grip Bands

Discover the secret to a secure and comfortable wig-wearing experience with our high-quality Wig Grips!

Available in velvet and silicone base, these wig grips are designed to offer an optimum grip on your wig, preventing it from slipping or moving. They provide a barrier between your scalp and the wig, enhancing comfort and reducing irritation.

Ideal for those in the wholesale business, our wig grips are the perfect addition to your wig accessories collection.

But, you might wonder, how to use a wig grip?

It's quite simple. Just wrap the wig grip around your head like a headband, adjust it for a perfect fit, secure it in place, and then put your wig on top of it. The wig grip will hold your wig in place securely throughout the day, no matter how active you are.

Try our wig grips today and say goodbye to uncomfortable and unstable wigs!

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