Wholesale Hair Vendors: What You Should Know!

Everyone is looking for the best wholesale hair vendors in China, India, Atlanta, and around the world.

What about you? Do you know how to find a wholesale vendor?

- If you have any wholesale or hair questions, just leave them in the comments below!

Having a good supply of human hair extensions is going to be a crucial part of your hair business. In this article, we are going to go over what people are currently looking for, what you should be looking for, and possibly how Private Label Wholesale can help.

The goal of Private Label Wholesale was to take the benefits of working with an overseas vendor and combining it with a USA based vendor to create a winning hair supply solution.

Let's break this down step-by-step so that you can make your own vendor decisions.

  1. What Are People Looking For in a Wholesale Hair Vendor?
  2. What Types of Human Hair Are Sold By Hair Vendors?
  3. Is Raw Hair Worth the Cost?
  4. Why is Wholesale Human Hair, Virgin Hair, and Remy Hair So Popular?
  5. How Do I Find a Wholesale Hair Vendor?
  6. How Do I Send Payments to Purchase Wholesale Hair?
  7. Should I Order Hair Samples?
  8. Why Should I Consider Private Label Wholesale As My Hair Vendor?

wholesale bundles

(50" Raw Bundles We Keep at the Private Label Extensions Office)

What are People Looking for in a Wholesale Hair Vendor?

Every day people are on the hunt for two types of hair vendors.

These are the top 5 most popular types of hair people are looking for:

  • Wholesale Vendors for Virgin Hair
  • Wholesale Mink Hair Vendors
  • Wholesale Vendors for Brazilian Hair
  • Wholesale Human Hair Vendors
  • Wholesale Raw Hair Vendors

The "mink hair" still kills me, but we can talk about that more later in the article.

Looking for "human hair," "virgin hair," and "raw hair" makes more sense as this is what you should be interested in selling.

Others are looking for wholesale vendors in a particular area.

These are the top 5 categories hair entrepreneurs are looking for:

  • Wholesale Hair Vendors in India
  • Wholesale Hair Vendors in Atlanta
  • Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors in China
  • Wholesale Hair Vendors Near Me
  • Wholesale Hair Vendors in the USA

You will find many people are looking for overseas hair vendors, but Atlanta is one of the meccas of hair weave, so it's obviously on the list. 

Hair Vendor Guangzhou

(This is a photo I took while visiting the hair vendors in Guangzhou, China)

What Types of Human Hair are Sold by Hair Vendors?

Let's look back at the first category that describes the types of wholesale hair people are looking for.

For the most part, you are going to find two types of human hair sold in the wholesale market. Within those two types of hair, they will be further broken down based on the overall quality and the price.

Let's take a look at what those two types of hair consist of and some of the cost factors involved with them.

Wholesale Raw Hair

  • Origin of the raw hair
  • The ratio of short strands in the raw hair bundles/closures/frontals
  • Type of weft construction

Wholesale Human Hair

  • Origin of the human hair
  • Machine Remy or other types of processing
  • Dyed hair
  • The ratio of short strands (single drawn/double drawn)

These are just some of the basics when talking to a manufacturer about hair quality.

wholesale hair bundles

(Having a good variety of curl pattern options is always a win!)

When you have a better understanding of these terms, you can better identify the actual quality level of the hair; you need to support your client base. Everyone says they want raw hair until they have to pull out their wallet and pay for it. Although it's always going to be the best quality.

The top countries raw hair sold in the market is sourced from:

  1. India (probably 80%)
  2. China
  3. Vietnam
  4. Burma/Myanmar
  5. Mongolia
  6. Philipines

I listed the raw hair sources above from the most volume to least volume by my estimates.

Depending on the country, the hair will be a little different. 

popular hair vendor map

(Map illustrating some of the most popular places people search for hair vendors)

Is Raw Hair Worth the Cost?

Raw hair extensions, wigs, closures, and frontals are the top quality products found in the market. But if you are thinking about selling unprocessed hair, make sure you understand the products are going to be much more expensive than selling the "normal bundles" that everyone currently buys. 

Raw hair only makes up about 5% of the hair sales on Private Label Wholesale, Private Label Extensions, Dropship Bundles, and Dropship Beauty, which supply over 10,000 hairstylists, hair entrepreneurs, and business owners.

I am not saying you shouldn't sell raw hair, just understand it's an exceptional market for it and generally for clients that don't mind spending big bucks!

Is raw hair worth the cost?

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your hair goals.

If you are looking to color raw 1b hair bundles to a 613 blonde or 60 platinum, it's highly suggested to have raw hair for the best results. 

Want to re-install your bundles a few times or last a few years?

Raw hair is your choice.

Want to do a quick weave? Change your sew-in every month and don't want to worry about the hair?

Use the standard human hair. This is what MOST people do, but not all.

wholesale wigs

(Wholesale wigs with some a pop of color)

What are some Raw Hair Tips for my Hair Business?

I want to quickly go over a few raw hair tips so that you have some additional knowledge about these products and what to look for.

For example, the raw wavy and raw curly hairs from India are some of the best sold on the market because it's the natural state of the hair. 

If you get raw hair sourced from China, it will need to be steamed curled. It's not a bad thing, but it's just not as good as the real deal. 

*Warning - The supply of wavy and curly hair from India has become much more difficult to source. Many Indian hair vendors are now steaming the hair to wavy and curly patterns and selling it as 100% unprocessed.

The trend is to have soft and silky hair, but it's a personal preference as to how well you want the extensions to match your natural hair. 

Our favorite raw hair course ratings are as follow:

Should my hair business sell raw hair? 

Having a raw hair option for your hair business is always a good idea. Dropshipping raw hair is a great option because the holding cost of inventory can be very expensive for one individual business unless they have a high volume of sales.

Wholesale Raw Hair

(Beautiful Bundles of Raw Vietnamese Hair)

Why is Wholesale Human Hair, Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, so Popular?

Do you see I used a lot of terms in the question above? MOST of the time, these terms are being used to describe the same thing or a variation of a hair product.

A lot has changed over the years as far as the manufacturing and production of human hair weave, and wigs. 

Do you remember when processed hair smelled like corn chips?

This was mostly Pre-2015 when the smell of hair was a huge problem. 

Now, the way the hair is processed is different. Today, a process called Machine-Remy is used to align the cuticles of the hair.

Previously, manufacturers would give hair an acid bath that would strip the hair strands of their cuticles. This would reduce the chances of tangling once the weave or wig has been installed but destroy the integrity of the hair and also make it smell bad.

Today, the hair is soaked in a conditioner to soften the strands, and then a machine is used to re-align the hair cuticle to all be running in the same direction. 

This has really changed the game for hair vendors to offer a quality product at such a low price. Now the cost for a good quality bundle or human hair wig can be very affordable.

A woman can now change their hair almost weekly and still not break the bank. Having a selection of human hair wigs in their closet is becoming the norm. Back in the early 2000s to early 2010s, women were spending $100 - $200 bundles and $2500 for a wig. Now, this is a rare occurrence. 

How have things in the hair industry changed?

As a wholesale client, you can now pick up beautiful bob wigs made with human hair for under $60 bucks! Most of our clients are selling these between $125 - $250 without customization. That is way cheaper than the selling price of wigs from over a decade ago.

Now that we have gone over the basics of the hair quality for extensions and wigs let's go over more about vendors.

How do I Find a Wholesale Hair Vendor?

There are thousands of wholesale suppliers in the world!

Here are the Top-5 ways you can find a wholesale hair vendor:

  1. Google - Just search and go.
  2. Alibaba - Keep your fingers crossed.
  3. Hair Vendor Lists - A compilation of Google searches and Alibaba.
  4. Referrals - Although many hair business owners don't like to share their vendor info.
  5. Social Media - Once you are in the industry, you will be bombarded by sales associates on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

You are going to have to find out what works best for you as far as finding the perfect hair vendor.

hair vendor meetings

(Meeting with hair vendors often involves hot tea even on blistering hot days)

Most of our wholesale hair clients for Private Label Wholesale have found us via our Hair Business Facebook Group or one of our sister websites. We have been helping clients start and supply their hair businesses since 2014, so we also usually pop up in Google when looking to start a hair company.

You need to do your research to make sure you are working with a reputable hair company and sales representative.

Why I block all Chinese Hair Vendors on Social Media when they Contact Me

It gets frustrating!

Did you get a message on Instagram for a Chinese hair vendor? 

Your entire following probably did too! We don't recommend vendors with these types of sales tactics. 

That's right; there are huge teams of sales associates that will reach out directly to you or your hair company. I understand it's just sales. The big problem for you is they are also going to message every one of your followers as well. 

I have personally been to these sales offices in China. I have watched dozens of women on their cell phones using a VPN (changes the location of your IP address so you can be on social media in China as it's not allowed) to be able to contact people in the USA.

Hair Vendor Messages

(Watch out for these companies that will also reach out to all your followers!)

Many new sales associates in China will do everything possible to get a sale. That includes directly reaching out to your clients. 

Anytime one of these sales associates follows one of our business Instagram pages, we immediately block them so they can find and reach out to our customers.

I advise you to do the same!

How Do I Send Payments to Purchase Wholesale Hair?

Different vendors will accept various types of payments. The most important thing is to be 100% safe with your money because it's easy to get scammed by an overseas business. 

They know you are not hopping on a flight to China to find them, and even if you did get on that flight, the odds of catching someone would be very slim.

The top 5 most common payment methods wholesale vendors accept: 

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Western Union
  • PayPal
  • AliPay
  • Credit Card

You really have NO protection when sending payments via Bank Wire Transfer and Western Union. If you send the funds and they don't send the hair, you are basically out of luck.

Paying safely via PayPal, AliPay, or Credit Card is a good idea, but some vendors will charge you an additional fee between 3% - 5% to do so. 

Buying $2,000 worth of wholesale hair and have to pay a 5% fee? That would cost you $100 and can add up. This fee is also calculated on the shipping cost.

Sending payments via the safer methods can be great, but you are also paying for that safety. 

What payments does Private Label Wholesale take, and how much are the additional fees?

We take PayPal and Credit Card payments with NO ADDITIONAL FEES as we have negotiated such a low rate with our processors. It's one of the advantages of being a hybrid USA/CHINA vendor.

hair model wearing a blonde bob

(This is NOT how to send money to China. It's just a great photo from a Private Label, Photoshoot!)

Should I Order Hair Samples?

Yes, it's always a good idea to order some samples of hair before making a more significant purchase. 

Our Sample Kit is loved by clients!

hair sample kit

Doing so will give you a better idea if you are going to like the exact style & quality of hair offered at a price. Remember, it's always at that price.

As mentioned above, there are many different factors in the pricing and quality of the hair. Some you wouldn't realize without being an expert.

The opinions of hair will always vary. I can honestly say we have had so many Dropshipping clients tell us that they ordered hair from Private Label Extensions. Didn't like it. Then ordered from our Dropshipper, and loved the hair. 

It's 100% the same hair! Every time. Different people will have mixed emotions and feelings about a product.

Why Should I Consider Private Label Wholesale as My Hair Vendor?

Private Label Wholesale is a unique hair vendor that leverages the manufacturer relationships in China and mergest them with the technology and service in the USA.

Some of the Wholesale key benefits are:

  • Easily place wholesale orders safely online.
  • Use a recognized payment system like PayPal or Credit Card.
  • USA based customer service team.
  • Get access to our monthly Wholesale Days.
  • 100% proven products and trusted team.
  • Easy returns & exchanges sent to Atlanta, not China!
  • A growing variety of products and services.

Our team takes the feedback from our thousands of clients to always find ways to better perfect our system. Every 1% of improvement is important to us.



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    Thank you Mikey and Private Label Extensions for all the amazing blessings you give. I am forever grateful to have found you.

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    Excellent article and very informative. I always wanted to start my own line of hair/ hair products since 1997. For years a looked for vendors and requested information/ hair samples. When I first found private Label Extensions your company offered wholesale and wholesale packages at that time I had a investor but the investor dropped out of the deal. But I never gave up my dream but I did have to postpone it because I did not have enough money to purchase wholesale on my own. I remember when your company first started dropship it was a free app on shopify. I signed up on a free trail for a shopify store found your app and downloaded it to my store and started inporting items to my store. But I never got to open my store I was helping to care for my brother that had cancer, raising my two kids, and working a full-time job. But I guess your company stop the shopify app at that time I emailed Zakiyrah in 2016 and she said that your company started a new dropship program called dropship bundles and emailed me the information. Later I joined your facebook group. But I still could not afford to start my business. But I started writing a business and marketing plan, reading lots of your blog post, obtained my domain name, social media handles, and wrote down and named all products including edge control. I also started writing different blog topics that I would write about. Fast forward in 2019 both my brother and grand father past away from cancer she months apart. But I kept saving the little money I could and moved forward. Losing my love ones was the motivation that I used to not give up no matter what. Than covid hit finally drying to use the coupon gor a free website I notice that wordpress websites were on sale. I check my balance in my bank account and purchase a website than on 06/23/20 I my LLC was filed I have been really working on my business to get it together and made my first order on the drop. For years I looked for a professional and trustworthy vendor that I can partner with to provide quality products to my prospective customers. And I finally found your company that has a passion for this industry and give back so much to your customers and the black hair community etc in general. You and your company gives so much opportunity, resources, and education to prospective entrepreneurs and small and large hair businesses. And I just want to say thank you for all that you and your staff do. It is greatly appreciated. Your company makes real dreams come true.

  • Kelsee’ Purnell

    The wholesale info article is a great read for upcoming hair business owners. The info presented in the article are things to consider when starting. Research is very vital. There are a variety of origins that extensions are sourced from depending on the quality of hair that business owners prefer to offer. India and China are the leading origins. Finding a vendor is not easy but very time consuming because of scammers and wanting to have the best quality of hair. There are more bad vendors than good, so it is vital to do your research. Many wholesale vendors offer a variety of payment methods, but there is not protection which is very risky. It’s a possibility that you could lose funds and not receive product. There are many search tools and websites that can assist with finding the perfect vendor such as alibaba, google, etc. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram can assist as well. It is very significant to build and have a great relationship with your vendor. Virgin and raw extensions are the most popular extensions on the market, with raw hair being more expensive although it is the best quality to offer. The market for virgin hair is undoubtedly hot right now, so it’s a great time to find success of your own in this high-grossing industry. If you are unsure on quality, purchasing samples to test would be a great idea. Due to extensions smelling like corn chips, processing extensions has changed and been better over the years. Once you have all of this lined up, you can sale your business and attract buyers. There are many cons in starting a hair business, but I feel that Private Label would be a great vendor to avoid all hazardous risk and will turn cons into pros. With the company’s knowledge, you will become knowledgeable and be able to run a successful hair business.

  • Antwynette Williams

    I have sold & bought over 100,000 in hair extensions. I have dealt with good hair & bad hair. Also gained & lost numerous customers due to quality. I have ran into PLE over a year ago but just thought it was another hair company. With my recent bulk purchases annnnd following the Facebook group, I found PLE to be refreshing. A lot the information above is what I wish I knew back starting in 2014 when I started installing and selling hair extensions. All the way up to year ago, I learned I was coming about selling hair extensions all wrong. I have a large clientele base but horrible knowledge about hair extensions which caused a big loss. This information will save a bunch of beginners even seasoned stylist like myself some money and mistakes in the long run.

  • Yvonne Brown

    This article is very informative for anyone thinking about starting an extension business, and it also serves as a refresher for the businesses that are already started. Thank you for answering the question I had on Raw Hair Extensions. You also went into great detail explaining the different types of hair and sources from different vendors. I really appreciate that. After a person fully reads this article it is guaranteed that a decision will be made on choosing Private Label Wholesale as their source for their hair supply. When I searched for a hair company I wanted a company that would be concerned about me as a person not about the money that would be received from me. Private Label Extensions has been a company of integrity and excellent customer service. Thank you for informing everyone in this article about how our followers are being harassed from hair vendors in China. I am going to start blocking them all.

  • Andrea Thompson

    After being a stylist for 25+years the frustration of buying hair and receiving questionable quality hair lead me to PLE. I’ve been very happy with the hair. The PLE staff is wonderful and work with you! Now I can send my clients to a website that fills all the boxes and I get so much information about the hair business. Much thanks🙂
    No one I know gets more from their vendor.

  • Gwendolyn Smith

    Mikey thank you for everything you have done. I have read this article multiple times and it’s helps every time I have to prove a point to somebody about the difference between textures. Specially somebody who has this attitude of they know everything and you can’t tell them nothing. This article shut them down every time. I have learn the best hair to dye to get a vibrant color is 613 and premium hair is my go to because of the fullness,the shine and thickness of the hair. My on hand business have took off making a whooping 3500 in the first month since I launch. However, I am an a essential worker so my online business has not been great due to me doing everything on my phone. I was not gone even comment due to me feeling like I never win but I’m fine with losing sometimes because I am gone keep trying because I will be a billionaire in this life time. “Trust the Process “ Buy.Sell.Repeat. Thank you & your team for everything you have done. #Team PLE

  • Courtney Mitchell

    😮😮 this was EXTREMELY informative. I can’t believe all the information this article contains. I mean it LITERALLY gives you play by play how and what wholesale is. It contains a TREMENDOUS amount of information that not only will help start the process of beginning a business but it gives you the tools to be SUCCESSFUL in your business. There are so many essential key points that I personally took away from this article that will DEFINITELY help me on my journey to starting my business. We need more articles like this that break down information for you and really give you the necessary tools. Knowing what I have learned now from reading this article, I feel like I can hit the ground running with my business! Thank you for this informative and inspirational article. Trust me, I am prepared all this juicy knowledge to work in my business!! Go PLE!!!

  • Toni Jones

    The Best hair vendor is one who can provide you with the best products at a reasonable price that you can resell to your customers knowing that they are getting top quality products.

    Private label extensions has provided that for me being a new owner within the hair industry trying to locate the best vendors and not knowing where to turn is not an easy task but private label made it possible.

    They also educated me on the wholesale process and what to look for.
    How the wholesale market works and how they are bringing overseas vendors to us here within the USA!

    Thanks for helping other businesses like mine become successful!

  • Germaine Josp

    Hi PLE wholesale,
    Hey thanks for sharing this info l learned some things l never knew about before like the. Differences between Indian, Chinese, and Vietnamese hair.
    l want to thank you guys for finding an Indian Hair vendor for us its been an answer to my prayers l love this hair its very beautiful and it last two or more years if properly cared for. Second,
    Learned some new things about the hair industry manufacturering process. The first one is the fact that manufacturers are listening to it customers and came up better why process human hair without smelly chemicals a big plus in my book. Alinging the curticles of the hair is great idea. This is a shocker to me l often get DM’s from Chinese vendors but had no idea they were also contacting my customers gonna have use that block button more. l have been a PLE & PLW since 2019 and l can truly say it been a huge burden lifted off me because they have literally done the hard work for me. You guys can look elsewhere for a vendor if you want to but trust me l have tried to do that in pass most of the time l got ripped off. Hey, l am staying put because once again they’re not just selling hair but are educators as well.
    Thanks PLE

  • BeEy

    Thank you again🤝
    There is mounds of information out help with starting a successful Hair Business BUT this article just excellently summarized it all. No information overload✅. For anyone wanting to start a hair business, this is it!

    Above all, I too learnt something new 😂. Block them vendors wanting to sell hair to you and stalking your potential clients. For me, contacting my potential/existing clients with lower prices for poor quality hair is a deal breaker!

    Thank you Mickey🤝🤝

  • KAyy

    It’s the feeling of “I’ve made the best choice with choosing PLE as my vendor ” for me ! A whole article of confirmation that I’m headed in the right direction in my beauty business. Good read !

  • LAtisia Coco MCDONALD

    This was a great article and I totally agree with you about those Chinese Vendors. I like using PLE as my vendor.

  • Yasmin Harvin

    This article is what every person needs to read before starting in this business. With all of the scams and people wanting you to pay $100-1000 for vendors. This lets you do it on your own and still be successful. I am a lifetime member and have been working with PLE for 3 years! And I love it. I graduated from college in one year and can’t wait to see how much more my business was will grow with the more free time I will have.

  • AIisha

    Mikey and team super awesome. Very knowledgeable and provide tons of information and details to getting great quality hair and products to help expand everyone’s business. The best vendor on the market providing excellent products.

  • Delorian Giles

    Mikey I appreciate you taking the time to write this out. This helped me soooo much! I want to go as far as you with my hair business. So this helped.

    It helped me understand the process you had to go through to hand pick your products and how each business owner is going to have to do that if they want to be a successful and knowledgeable of the products. I appreciate your attention to detail because it gives new business owners like myself something to capitalize on and it gives me peace of mind knowing my products were picked based off of quality. Many clients are noticing quality hair is a better investment than other hair. I did not know how bundles were made so that was a cool insight you gave us. I haven’t played much with color but I know Raw hair for a nice platinum color is the way to go. It’s worth the money!
    I’d love to do what you do in Denver. This article helped me see a little bit of what you had to do to be a vendor in the US and it’s a lot of work but very inspiring.

  • Brittney Joyner

    I’ve have been struggling on where and how to start my hair business but the article just gave me hope.It’s very informative about vendors and i will say that most people aren’t like you,wanting to help others and give information helpful information that inspires them to start a business.A good hair vendor is cheaper than a good therapist,God bless!

  • Lucy Felder

    When I started this hair journey two years ago, I noticed that the most significant issue with hair was finding hair that colors and a vendor in the U.S. Once I started doing my research and found ple, I used their hair sample kit and I used my income tax money to invest in myself. I also read their returns and guidelines in the event that things went wrong, which is something that you cannot do with a hair vendor in China due to their language barriers and turn around time. Ple has kept me in business for the last two years and has grown my business. When looking for a vendor I recommend the following: a U. S vendor, facts about the hair (which is found on the website ex. how far the hair can lift), and the quality of the hair (make sure that you take advantage of the sample kits to gain an idea of how the hair is and use hair color on it to see how the hair responds to it (especially for the young adults they love color).

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