Basic, Premium, and Raw Quality Options Explained

Hair Quality Explained

You will find three different levels of quality, and of course price, on Private Label Wholesale. 

Sure, you might be looking for Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Japanese Denim, or some other "name" that is used to describe a bundle of hair. Not sure if it's still a thing, but you might even be looking for "Mink" hair extensions. 

At the end of the day, it's all just marketing.

Most of the raw material for hair in the world is sourced from India. Smaller amounts are sourced from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Even less from other countries not mentioned. 

To make it easy we have come up with a system for our clients to better understand what they are purchasing. 

The most popular selling level of quality is Premium. The next best-selling would be the Basic and then the Raw. The Premium comes in at a perfect balance of quality and price for most clients.

Here is a more depth explanation of the three quality levels.

Raw Hair Quality

The raw hair sold on Private Label Wholesale is from the mountainous regions of China. This is one of the best places to source raw hair as most Chinese women in these areas do not like to color their hair unlike in the cities. This ponytail style hair is much silkier than most raw hair you will find from India or Vietnam. 

Yes, the cost for this hair is much more expensive but you really get what you pay for with this. Unfortunately, it's not as popular as the Premium or Basic because of the cost. 

This hair can easily color to a #613 or #60 with proper dying methods of a professional. 

If you have clients looking for the best with a bigger budget then this is for them!

Premium Hair Quality

Our best-selling hair! This is the exact hair that is sold as the "Brazilian" line of hair on Private Label Extensions. 

The quality vs price is really hard to beat. The ratio of long hairs is really strong with the Premium hair. This meaning there are fewer short hairs in the bundle to give it a more full appearance. 

You can dye this hair but it's not recommended for colors over a #27 Honey Blonde. Anytime you are trying to dye hair to a real blonde we only suggest using raw hair. Is it possible, yes? We just don't recommend it.

Basic Hair Quality

Not everyone can afford a Premium or Raw extensions. This is there the Basic bundles come in. They are very inexpensive that can still give great results. 

The actual hair quality is the same as the Premium but you will find a greater ratio of short hairs. The actual bundle weight is the same but it will still not have an as full appearance. 

This is the perfect hair for someone that is not planning on coloring, not looking to spend a lot, or doing a quick weave install where you are cutting the wefts and not worried about a re-install. 

What is Best For You?

The key is to understand your customer's quality needs and supply them with the best hair possible. 

Private Label Wholesale has proven products where our team directly meets and visits manufacturers to pool the best hair products in one place.