Estimated Shipping Times

*Please note, in the event of a world crisis, pandemic, extreme weather, or some unplanned event the shipping carrier may experience delays. Please plan for this!

We know you are super excited to get your wholesale hair!

It's important to have a good understanding of how long it will take for your order to ship.

Remember, your order will ship once the last item is ready for shipment. So, if you order an item that's in-stock and ships the same day that's great but if you also ordered a sewing-machine wig that takes a week then your entire order will ship in a week.

We are not trying to discourage you from ordering certain items but it's important to be able to plan your shipments.

Once an item ships it generally will take 5 days to arrive. If something is held up at customs or some world event please understand that it is 1,000% out of our control. 

We send you the tracking number which will allow you to contact the shipper directly which is generally UPS or FedEx.

Here is our Shipping Times Chart:

Bundles Shipping Times

Closures and Frontals Shipping


Shipping Wigs

When specific styles become more popular we can plan to have them in stock and ready to ship like the straight and body wave. 

Our goal is to continue to add new products which you can visit this page for updates - New Products.




  • Victoria

    Hey loves . How do I order a customized sewing machine?

  • Evette

    I love the quality of the hair and how fast it ships out!

  • July Martinez

    Do you sell tape in

  • Othella Moody

    I love the lashes🥰 I’ve been selling lashes for a few months now and everything been going great

  • Victoria Gray

    I love this hair! I just started my business and I’m already selling hair like hot cakes

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