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Start a Edge Control Business

Wholesale Edge Control & Starting Your Own Brand

Having slick edges is part of almost every popular hairstyle.

Starting your own edge control brand is part of many hair entrepreneur's plans. Let's go over some of the details on how to start your own brand of edge control and how the Private Label team can help.

Are you looking for Wholesale Edge Control? It's not available on Private Label Wholesale as it only ships from our Atlanta warehouse. You can find it here - Edge Control.

10 Steps To Start Your Edge Control Brand

1. Logo For Your Brand
2. Top Label Design
3. Top Label Printing
4. Side Ingredient Label
5. Purchase Edge Control
6. Website to Sell Online
7. Online Marketing
8. Marketing In-Person and Locally
9. Dropshipping Edge Control (Optional)
10. Buy. Sell. Repeat.

Next, I will go over each step in detail. If you already have one of the steps completed you can go ahead and skip it. You might already have a hair brand up and running with a website. If you do, you can get started really quickly and cost-effectively. 

Wholesale Edge Control

Step 1 - Your Logo

Having a sleek logo is crucial to every brand. This is nothing new.

If you already have a logo you LOVE then you can just skip this section. If not, start taking notes.

We generally suggest keeping your logo design simple. Have you ever looked at some of the most popular brands and how their logo is easy to remember, easy to put on labels, branding, etc, and just works?

If you think you have the design skills needed to create your own logo then have at it on some of my favorite free online design tools like PicMonkey and Canva

Hey, it's worth a shot and won't cost you anything but some time.

If you are ready for a professional design then we have you covered!

Private Label Branding offers the perfect logo design service to get your brand looking great. 


logo design

All you have to do is answer the questionnaire that will help get your design ideas from your brain to the designers. Once you fill out the form the design team will be back in touch within a few days with six designs for you to look at. 

If there are some changes you would like made then just reply with the updates and the team will get back to work. Once the perfect design is crafted then you are on your way.

You can also use any outside design team to create your logo. Make sure to confirm working with a designer that they will send you your logo in multiple formats and files. Too many times we have seen a cheap logo design that is only in JPG format with a background that is much more difficult to work with.

We also suggest posting your logo on your social media to get feedback from friends and family or in our Start a Hair Business group so like-minded individuals can give you feedback.

Step 2 - Top Label Design

Now that you have your perfectly designed logo, it's time to get to the design process for the most eye-catching part of the edge control container.

The top label!

If you are using the edge control from Private Label Extensions, you will need to design for either the 2 oz, 4 oz, or both. It's crucial you design the right label size.

The 2 oz edge control container utilizes a 2" X 2" circle label and the 4 oz utilizes a 2.5" X 2.5" circle label. Why we are talking about label size, you might also want to look at designing a top label for the edge control minis that are great for samples and promotions. The top label for the minis is a 1" circle.

An easy and free design tool to create your labels is Canva

The first step is to start your design with the right "Custom Dimensions." In the example below, we have set the image size to be a 2" X 2" for the 2 oz edge control.

Edge Control Label Design

Once you hit "Create New Design" your workspace within Canva will open with a blank white square. Remember, you are creating a circle label so you need to set up the desktop so it's easy to design a round label. 

These are the settings I like to use. 

First, click the elements tab. Then add the Gray Circle shape. The shape will appear in the white workspace. Take the corners of the circle and drag them so the circle goes to the edges of the square. See the example below.

Edge Control Label in Canva

From here you can adjust the gray color to be the background color of your label. You might want to change the white, square background to something more dramatic like a red so you can design within the circle.

After you finish designing your label you will want to set the background of the entire image to be the same as your label so when it's printed there is not a different color on your label. 

Remember, label printers all have close but somewhat different specifications for printing. The way the labels are cut and other factors come into play. My method of design should set you up for printing success.

The example below shows the label finished label before and after changing the entire background to your label background color. In this example, the label background is yellow. 

When you upload the square image to your printing company it will be cut into a circle when choosing a circle label.

Edge Control Labels

The above design took just a few minutes to create. You might want to spend more time having a great looking label design because once the label is printed you are stuck with them even if you don't like your design.

*Pro Tip - During the design process, don't have the text get too close to the edge of the circle as there is a chance it could be cut off during printing.

Not great with design or label printing?

No worries, the Private Label Branding team are experts at creating beautiful labels for our clients. Check out their popular label design service.

Step 3 - Top Label Printing

 Label printing is an easy task. You will want to send the printing company a hi-resolution version of your label file. We recommend using a PNG or PDF version. 

Different printing companies will accept different file types. Remember, the higher the resolution the better.

Here is the setting in Canva to download your label design.


label size

There are many different printing companies online. Some are good, some are great.

Of course, if you want to work with our team that works with printing these labels every day then check out the Private Label Branding label printing.

Edge Control Labels

*Pro Tip - You can reduce your cost per label by purchasing a larger quantity of labels at once. The lower the print run the more expensive each label becomes.

Printing and shipping can take over a week so please plan for this. Too many times I have seen people start promoting their new edge control brand without enough thought that the entire process can take a few weeks. Then everything becomes a rush. You never want to rush design, printing, and launching your new brand.

Step 4 - Side Ingredient Label

 The edge control containers have a side label that includes both the ingredients and instructions.

The good news is the edge control from Private Label Extensions already comes with a standard side label.

Edge Control Ingredient Label

Want to design your own? 

The size of the label is 6" wide and .5" tall. You can add whatever information you please on the label but would suggest keeping the design clean.

*Pro Tip - If you are just starting out we suggest using the side label that comes with the edge control. It will save you time with design and label printing costs.

If you did want to design your own label you could follow a similar procedure as listed above with Canva. 

Always remember not to design to close to the edges as the image or text could be cut off during printing.

Step 5 - Purchase Edge Control

 Now that you have most of the design elements for your new edge control brand out of the way it's time to get some physical edge control containers.

Private Label Extensions has been a leader in edge control distribution since 2015. 

The key was to create an edge control that doesn't leave white flakes, smells great, and has a strong hold for all-day use.

It probably impossible to have an edge control that works for every single person's hair type but I can confidently say this is perfect for about 96% of people that use it. And once they try it they are hooked!

It's so good it now makes our USPS driver show up on time to pick up packages. 


At the time of writing this, I recently gave some samples to our postal driver. She is now hooked and comes on time every day to pick up our packages with a story about how people compliment her on the wonderful fragrance or look of her edges. 

If you can get a USPS worker motivated then you know you have a winning product. Just saying!

Private Label Extensions offers two types of edge control. The classic clear version as well as a black edition where the edge control is black.

Edge Control

The clear edge control is a little less expensive and outsells the black 10 to 1. The black edge control is still popular and a nice option for those looking to offer something a little different.

Take a look at the edge control options.

*Pro Tip - Buy by the case to save on your per-unit cost. Also, look out for coupon offers on Private Label Extensions to save!

You don't have to take my word our or postal delivery drivers about how good this edge control product really is. Here is the most recent reviews from the Private Label Extensions website.

Edge Control Reviews

Having a great logo, label design, and product is the key to a winning edge control brand.

Step 6 - Website to Sell Online

 Now that you have your edge control on hand it's time to get selling.

Selling online allows you to reach the widest audience and with social media, it makes it way easier to get started as opposed to just ten years ago.

Most of our clients love using the online E-commerce platform Shopify. It's super easy to get your website up and running from just under $30 per month.

Shopify Plans

If you are getting started you really only need the "Basic Shopify" plan. We love that Shopify offers 24/7 customer support to help you along the way with selling online.

There are so many online platforms to sell online including Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Big Cartel, Volusion, Equid Cart, GoDaddy, and many more. No platform is easier for the price than Shopify. We are fans of WordPress/WooCommerce but Shopify is just more simple to get started.

You need to ask yourself if you are going to just sell edge control on your website or pair it with hair extensions, wigs, and lashes. 

Most of our clients sell the entire package and utilize the Shopify Websites available on our sister website Dropship Bundles.

Edge Control Website

This also allows you to utilize dropshipping which is something we will talk more about in Step 9.

If you want to build your own website just get ready for a little bit of a learning curve. We have found that a lot of clients will start with the Shopify websites from Dropship Bundles and then make changes as they progress in selling online and understanding the platform. 

Either way, selling online is going to be key to your success.

Step 7 - Online Marketing

Getting the word out about your new edge control brand is going to take time and work. I just want to make sure you are prepared for that.

Online marketing is going to be a big part of getting the sales to start funneling in from customers that are not your family member or Facebook friend.

It's important to have completed "Step 6" with getting your website up and running. 

Next, it's time to start ramping up your online marketing. Here are some quick ideas to help you get you started.

1) Hire Influencers - Working with an influencer is a fast and easy way to get your brand in front of those outside of your social following. We have successfully used Beauty Clout to hire many influencers for edge control in the past. 

There are many different platforms available to do this and you can always do the old school route of reaching out to them directly. Remember, that is going to take a lot of extra time!

2) Blogging - It's time to start writing about how amazing your edge control it. Showing up in search engines will send you free traffic but you have to give them the content to start indexing.

Blogging will be key to get this process started. It's a long-term approach but the sooner you get started the sooner you will get results.

3) Email Newsletters - Are you building up your email list? You should! It's a great place to sell your new brand of Edge Control. We are huge fans of the Klaviyo Email platform. They are really focused on E-Commerce and selling. That's exactly what you need.

Make sure to add some value about how to use the edge control in your newsletters as well.

4) Facebook/Instagram Ads - A great way to start getting eyes on your products is to run Facebook and Instagram ads. We recommend to start off lightly with this and focus on retargeting your visitors.

Facebook has free online classes to help you learn. Just a heads up, there is a steep learning curve. It will take time!

Step 8 - Marketing Locally and In-Person with Samples

Starting local can be an easy start with edge control. 

Handing out a few samples should be counted as marketing dollars and not just giving something away. The key is to be strategic with the samples you give out. 

The Edge Control Minis could be a good start as it gives plenty of edge control for multiple days of use. This is sometimes all you need to get a new customer hooked on your product. The problem with the minis and marketing is that it's just not big enough to ask for more when giving it away. Or if the user tries to promote via social media the mini is not the product you would really be selling.

The 2 oz is a good size to give away as a sample and expect a little more. I would start by giving one away to a few different friends and ask in return is a little post on social media and maybe a quick 15-second video.

Once they post about the edge control you have something to use to help further promote your brand. 

*Pro Tip - Following up with the person you give the edge control away to is crucial. Make sure to tell them to text you once they post about it online as it's really important to you and you don't want to miss it.

Sell Edge Control on Facebook

Other places like the Facebook Marketplace could be a good start because it's free. It might not be worth your time or safety to meet someone in person to sell them edge control but you can at least market the product locally and then tell them to purchase online. 

Step 9 - DropShipping Edge Control

Imagine selling edge control online and not being responsible for shipping the product to your customer. Sound sweet?

It's possible with Dropshipping!

The Private Label team has two online dropshipping platforms that make this possible with Dropship Bundles and Dropship Beauty.


The dropshipping process allows you to sell online. Once an order comes in you would log into the dropshipping portal and pay for the order. This sends the order to the dropshipping team to prepare for shipment. Once shipped you are sent a tracking number to relay to your customer. It's really that easy and simple.

Both platforms also have the option to store your branding at the warehouse and have it added to the edge control as orders come in. 

This is the perfect solution for someone that doesn't want to purchase a bunch of inventory or have time to run to the post office every day to drop off orders. 

*Pro Tip - Our most successful clients use a hybrid system of having some edge control on hand to sell to their clients and process orders online through the dropshipping portals.

The dropship team will always do their best to make sure your online orders arrive looking great when your customers get them.

Step 10 - Buy. Sell. Repeat. The Key to Selling

Now that you have your edge control business up and running you will need to keep it going. 

You have done most of the hard work at this point but not all of it.

Keeping your business up and running by investing back into it is key.

Buy. Sell. Repeat is my tagline for clients buying wholesale and selling retail. I can't stress the importance of reinvesting your sales to buy more products is crucial to keep your business going and the only way to grow your profits in the future. As a matter of fact, it's so important I mention it again just a few paragraphs below this just in case you are skimming this article.

Business Quote

Too many times do I see someone start sprinting towards success and burn out after they realize it's going to be a marathon.

*Pro Tip - Busy. Sell. Repeat. for success.

Once you start making profits from sales you must reinvest them back into more product, marketing, website updates, technology, and everything else needed to run your business. The longer you can hold off from purchasing that new car to show off your success the better the car you will eventually be able to afford. 

Selling edge control might not make you millions but it could be a great product to introduce a client to you and your brand. Later the client might purchase lashes, wigs, and other higher-priced items from you.

Keep pushing and stay focused on growing your business. Kick through the roadblocks you face, there will be many, and know that you can do this!

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PLE has helped me to become the entrepreneur that I have always wanted to be. The products are great, customer service is amazing but most of all they make you feel right at home. I couldn’t imagine working with a different company. I am so in love with my website and my customers are too! I can’t wait to have edge control on hand so that I can help these ladies slay and be sleek!!

Ecila Fay Banks - June 10, 2020

Awesome information! Thank you Private Label for being transparent about the industry as a whole. This is the very thing that stood out to me when I started my research on vendors years ago, EDUCATION! So grateful this company saw a need years ago. We want to be successful! Thank you for being a catalyst in that! Positive vibes to all🥰

Shernicka Bonnett - June 10, 2020

This is my first time reading your post. I have always browsed the website to get an idea of what it really takes to be successful in the hair industry. Your post was very informative and easy to read. Ok so let’s be honest it’s more than a 10 minute read but definitely worth every minute. I will need to read 2x and take notes. I learned a lot good strategies to apply to my business when I start. Although this is about edge control, this information can be utilized on any platform that involves selling products. All of the steps to being successful is just a equally important, mainly steps 1 through 6 is a lot of behind the scenes work prepping for the ending steps 7,8,9,10…. which brings me to your pro tip: busy,sell,repeat… for success. You know it’s kinda scary starting something I love to wear (wigs, lashes, extensions) but know nothing about. One step at a time and keep moving forward until I become a successful guru in the hair industry. Thank you. May your success continue as you help others be successful entrepreneurs. Definitely worth pinning to my Pinterest page.

Ashley White - June 10, 2020

Yesss!! I love how you described each step in full detail and I did take notes even though I have my website up by you guys! I love it! I love how you explained the importance of Buy. Sell. Repeat. Re-investing back into your business not only products, but website updates, technology, and marketing which is definitely needed to not only push a brand but have a successful brand! I only thank God for leading me to PLE because you are not just vendors but you actually care and help us build our brands from scratch!!! So thank you for guiding us in business for all of us who are willing to not only listen but to pay real attention and apply the knowledge shared! For me that’s the most important part because this is new to me and more than anything I want to make money, but I want to be well informed on everything dealing with my business,as I should be..and any business owner of they take their business serious! Thanks Mikey.

KIya - June 10, 2020

Mikey You Rock! 🏆I absolutely love how you gave some samples to your postal driver. Now she is hooked and comes on time every day to pick up your packages with a story about how people compliment her on the wonderful fragrance or look of her edges. I will do the same. That’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Having a sleek logo is crucial to every brand
and you are so right about popular brands and how their logo is easy to remember

after we create mine I definitely will be posting my logo on my social media to get feedback from friends and family. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this.

Thank you for the pro tip how to set the background of the entire image to be the same as your label so when it’s printed there is not a different color on your label. 

This is a gem guys take them up on this offer Wow *- If you are just starting out they suggest using the side label that comes with the edge control. It will save you time with design and label printing costs b

Thank you for your advice about making small sacrifices for longterm goals….Definitely worth having this as a part of the plan and vision…once I start making profits from sales I must reinvest them back into more product, marketing, website updates, technology, and everything else needed to run my business. The longer I can hold off from purchasing that new car to show off my success the better the car I will eventually be able to afford… Priceless advice.

God bless you for taking the time to write this article. You just gave us a free business plan and all the tools. Wow I’m impressed and so grateful for what your doing. I’m so happy I came into your store today and the lady at the counter told me about this group. You have excellent customer service by the way.

Kyrees - June 10, 2020

The giveaway you are doing is really helping me learn more about the hair industry and how to Run a business i have watched all of your youtube videos taking notes. While I am a rising senior wanting to own my own business before college this is AMAZING thank you!

Sonya PIne - June 10, 2020

Knowledge is power. I’m very excited that I decided to use PLE has my vendor. You’re company is not only just providing goods for us to sell to our customers, but you are educating us on various topics in the hair industry. What other vendor is really devoting their time and resources to show others how to brand their businesses? This is AMAZING!!!! You are giving us valuable knowledge from branding, marketing, and the list goes on. Thanks for all that PLE is doing. Keep it up 👍🏾

Millini Jones - June 10, 2020

Thanks for always giving us the game to be successful. If it wasn’t for PLE having this Edge Control that actually works unlike store bought my clients wouldn’t keep coming back to back. I sell a ton of this daily. We absolutely love this formula. Thanks for getting us quality products and making us better entrepreneurs. I love that you’re passionate about the hair business and it’s not just a check for you.

Tasha - June 10, 2020

Edge Control, my edges are rolled up!
Edge Control, Will lay them down!!
Edge Control, Now I’m all slayed up! 😂 think Janet Jackson

Kendra HInton - June 10, 2020

I can’t wait to start selling PLE products. You guys are a amazing company. That helps new and existing hair companies sell the best products ever. Can’t wait to sell this edge control.

Ashley Allen - June 10, 2020

I LOVE PLE for everything they have done for me and my business, if it was not for dropshipping I would not have a business today. I started with dropshipping and now I purchase bundles/wigs/lashes my the profit I make from my business. I have also learned that less is more, I have changed my logo a bunch or times and always tried to cram a lot into one logo. After reading this it just confirmed what I have learned over the last year working with and using PLE as my vendor, YOU GUYS ROCK AND HANDS DOWN THE BEST VENDOR PERIODDTTT!!!!

Shamayin Yisrael - June 10, 2020

This was GREAT very informative and exactly what an entrepreneur would need to get started with drop shipping edge control on their website.

Keyatra - June 10, 2020

Thanks for help making us all great. The slogan should be Mikey makes America Great

Shakira A. - June 10, 2020

Hey Mikey,

I love how you take the time to create blog posts to help keep us motivated and also inform us on many topics related to our industry. This article was filled with a lot of wonderful information that any business owner can benefit from. I’ve personally used this edge control myself and it’s tough finding an edge control that works for 4C hair & Relaxed hair. Edges are slayedddddd and for a long time at that.

Thanks for always investing in us. We really appreciate it 💕

Lashelle - June 10, 2020

I’m so excited to add the edge control to my offerings for my Queens I love the ideal of being a one stop shop and being able to offer them the products we use while styling their crown is amazing so glad for these additional option to expand our brand!

Sheena Smith - June 10, 2020

I did not even realize the power I have literally at my finger-tips to create the things I need for my business, such as labels. I’m literally in Canva everyday and never even thought of creating a label for the edge control containers. I was literally thinking about ordering them online somewhere. Thank you for dropping knowledge and informatiom to help me build a successful brand. Seek and you shall find. Educate yourself and you shall grow!!!

Courtney MItchell - June 10, 2020

This article is AMAZING! It lays out a very well explained start up plan for anyone that might be interested in starting their own edge control business. But these are also words of wisdom that can be applied towards other products being sold as well. There are soooooo many businesses that do not provide this kind of information or even assist with business start up in this way, so this is AMAZING! This has definitely helped me TREMENDOUSLY and helps keep me motivated on my journey to beginning my business.

Jàna KOren - June 10, 2020

This is fillllled with some great information !! Very informative & you explain everything step by step making it grasp the concepts and steps! After reading, I am definitely interested in selling these!

Ashia King - June 10, 2020

I have tried this edge control and it is bomb! I had a hard time trying to find a edge control that will hold my hair, without the flakes, and heavy ness, and this one is the best so far!!! Love it!

Nichelle Scott-Caddle - May 27, 2020

Hi …. thanks much for the thorough information! Can you say how long the logo/label takes please? Also, I would appreciate help with the etting up of shopify and drop shipping… much appreciated…

Camelia Frink - May 25, 2020

Hello, I am interested in the information to start my own line of edge control.

CeAsia - May 25, 2020

Is there a way to get a test sample before making a purchase?

Erin Purnell - May 25, 2020

I literally read everything & im kind of curious about branching my hairline with an edge control line

Tyquata Wilkerson - May 25, 2020

Hello! I already have a membership with private label while as well as a website with the third party company, dropship beauty Shopify. How do I brand the product that’s being shipped to my customers, hair, lashes, and edge control with the logo that I also have and purchased from another company.

Shanta Williams - May 17, 2020

Please send me information about the pricing for starting an edge control line.. Thank you

PAMELA P - May 7, 2020

Awesome step by step action plan. This is such a great product… it sells itself. However the reality is you have to position the product, promote and this article is a great directive.

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